Hello! It’s 2019, like almost the middle of 2019 already, but Happy New Year!!!

I am going to do the quickest sum up ever lol

After I had Kei we kind of just went back to normal. I hadn’t worked in an office since Marchish 2018 then started working for a new company September 2018. We had the best holiday season which those videos are actually all up on youtube. What’s crazy is I keep up using one platform and just abandon the others, then remember to get back at it lol. Instagram has been consistent so yay for that. Anyway, I then left my job around February or March 2019 to pursue my photography! Yes, my husband is very supportive not only of my dreams but of our family. I have also been able to be with my babies so much more which I am so grateful for!!! They are nuts and a half lol but my life is so much better with them being coo coo butts.

We celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary this past April as well and just moved over this past weekend. Down the street from the house we were staying at but moving is still a beast, especially when you’re down sizing. Our new place is already feeling home-y and the children really love it here which makes us happy.

I’ll be adding a link to our new podcast as well!! We just created it so there isn’t any real content yet but feel free to follow along. I feel like this will be really fun, just getting to know us better if you so chose.

Talk soon!


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