Happy late birthday to me! I turned 29 last week. I honestly want to keep up with this blog but it starts feeling like if I write who cares? Like for real who. Will anyone other than me see or hear these posts? Ha ha welp I feel like I’ve changed so much within the last year and plan on living my best life, for the rest of my life!

Welp in a week it’s the premiere of Descendants 3 on Disney Channel. We are planning our whole day around the Descendants franchise then watching the movie marathon starting at 3. But I’ll write more about that later


Hey hey!

As you know I am a photographer here in Texas – Dallas/Fort Worth area – and I have a few new projects I am trying to get going on. Now that it’s summer I have 3 kiddos who are with me all the time so my time is limited and the weather has been CRAZY!!! I have been wanting to dive into film and do photography for businesses and other creatives. I am also so fascinated and intrigued by music videos and ads/commercials. I feel like I have so many ideas swirling around in my head. Outfits, colors, themes, songs, products, just all these ideas!!! With little time (and daylight) to do them in. It’s cool though I will.

I am actually still unpacking bags and boxes at our new place. I feel like once that is all settled then I’ll feel like I can take on new challenges.

Anywho vent for the night 😀



Hello! It’s 2019, like almost the middle of 2019 already, but Happy New Year!!!

I am going to do the quickest sum up ever lol

After I had Kei we kind of just went back to normal. I hadn’t worked in an office since Marchish 2018 then started working for a new company September 2018. We had the best holiday season which those videos are actually all up on youtube. What’s crazy is I keep up using one platform and just abandon the others, then remember to get back at it lol. Instagram has been consistent so yay for that. Anyway, I then left my job around February or March 2019 to pursue my photography! Yes, my husband is very supportive not only of my dreams but of our family. I have also been able to be with my babies so much more which I am so grateful for!!! They are nuts and a half lol but my life is so much better with them being coo coo butts.

We celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary this past April as well and just moved over this past weekend. Down the street from the house we were staying at but moving is still a beast, especially when you’re down sizing. Our new place is already feeling home-y and the children really love it here which makes us happy.

I’ll be adding a link to our new podcast as well!! We just created it so there isn’t any real content yet but feel free to follow along. I feel like this will be really fun, just getting to know us better if you so chose.

Talk soon!



It’s hard to put into words what this experience has been like and just how much it means to me. We were matched perfectly to this amazing couple living a world away. We instantly knew they were the ones God had put in our path. We got to hear their struggle and are now part of the same story. We had all wanted to get this journey started right away, after all they’ve been waiting so long already. Our first try was a success! 39 weeks and 3 days later and he’s here! This miracle has come true. This prayer that’s been said and asked for countless times has finally been answered. This dream has come true. These amazing people are now parents! It’s an unbelievable feeling to realize the role I played. We became family. I am emotional and cry thinking about everything and where we are now. I hugged my husband last night and just cried then he said “it’s crazy huh? You did it!” Just because the pregnancy is over, doesn’t mean our journey is. It’s just beginning. We get to be included for the rest of his life! 💗

Here are just a few photos from our Fresh 48 Session with Amanda Raylee Photography (




The countdown to baby!

Wednesday an ultrasound was done and baby measured 6.8lbs.

Thursday at my appointment with Dr. English I was told I’m dialated to 3cm. I’m 39 weeks now. So I am more than ready.

Saturday I felt a lot of pressure and thought this is the day! I’ve had 3 other pregnancies and had never experienced the joy of losing my mucus plug… it was disgusting. I was showering and ended up with a handful of goo. I literally thought I was going to hurl lol. Anyway throughout the day I felt lots of pressure and contractions. Joe and I visited the hospital and I was observed for a couple of hours but in the end the contractions slowed and I was sent home.

Some things just don’t go as planned. I had been having contractions all day Sunday starting around 1:30 am or so but at that time they were over an hour apart. As the day went on we had lunch and ran our errands I felt them getting more frequent to 15 min apart around 6:30, then 5-7 min around 8. They had been lasting longer and were more painful so we headed to the hospital. At 9:15 I was checked and told I was dialated to a 6, then at 9:30 they say I was at 8cm! They were moving so fast to get me admitted, my IV and fluids, run some labs and get my epidural. My dr wasn’t available so they had to call her backup (my dr has delivered all 3 of my kids so hearing this made me so nervous! I was like wait I’m a surrogate and had to brief everyone about our birth plan which my dr was very aware of!) Joe was also having to update my mom and the IPs and make sure they were on the way (they actually just flew in from Switzerland less that m than 24 hours ago so were at their hotel) I was rushed down the hall and had people all around me trying to get everything done quickly. At this point my contractions were right on top of each other and I’m just trying not to think and just focus on my breathing. The IPs get here and see me struggling so Joe took them outside so that I can get my epidural and so they don’t have to see me like that. Then Dr. Jones and the anesthesiologist came in and the Dr checks me again but says I’m complete (fully dialated) so he says we don’t have time for an epidural… I am obviously in pain and start to panic a little. It’s about time to just start pushing but Joe and the IPs aren’t in the room yet. I panic a little more now. The nurse goes running trying to get everyone telling the whole floor to find them. About 5 minutes later I’m in the stirrups, they all walk in, my water breaks and then PAINNN… I felt like the wind was knocked out of me, I couldn’t breathe, but chest felt heavy. The absolute worst pain of my life begins! Just 4 agonizing pushes later and he’s out. I am shaking, sweating, crying, panting and SMILING. Sooo many emotions come over me. He’s here! I did it! I helped make their dream come true. They’re parents and they have a baby! We’re all still in shock and disbelief, everything happened so fast so our emotions are still catching up to us. Not even 1 hour of being here and all of this happened. This journey has been one of a kind. I just feel so thankful and blessed that this is something we were able to be a part of. God is so good.

Baby Kei (pronounced Kay) is here!

39weeks+3days gestation

Born September 2, 2018 at 10:36pm

Weighing 6lbs 13 oz


Happy Birthday Kei!



Happy Mother’s Day to me for the 5th year! When I still sit around thinking about it it blows my mind! I’m a mom! To 3 little peoples! Geeez what a blessing!


My sweet family made pancakes for breakfast, then they surprised me and we went to the zoo (which is my favorite place ever) then to the park, snow cones and ordered take out from P.F. Changs for dinner. It was such a great day!