Happy Mother’s Day to me for the 5th year! When I still sit around thinking about it it blows my mind! I’m a mom! To 3 little peoples! Geeez what a blessing!


My sweet family made pancakes for breakfast, then they surprised me and we went to the zoo (which is my favorite place ever) then to the park, snow cones and ordered take out from P.F. Changs for dinner. It was such a great day!



Hi everyone!


I’m 16 weeks and 4 days along the baby should be the size of an avocado. This appointment was a little scary for me. I’ve had 3 healthy pregnancies and have been blessed enough to have not experienced a loss. At this appointment the last thing we did was try to find a heartbeat. It wasn’t looking so good which made me panic. It took a few people and some time but we found it! Thank you Jesus!

In 4 weeks we’ll have the anatomy scan and 4 weeks after that the glucose test. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway there!

The parents will be visiting in May which will be fun also! Let me know if you have any questions for me or them!


I also did a quick drive-by my first house!


Thanks everyone for the continued love and support!


Hi everyone!!!

I know I’ve been MIA but I feel like so much has happened these last 6 weeks. I’m now 16 weeks along and me and this little guy are doing great! I’ve noticed flutters a couple of weeks ago but feel like I got a real kick just a couple of nights ago. Fun fact: I’ve noticed an urge to eat more dairy! Like I want to just bite off a chunk of mild Longhorn cheddar straight off the block BUT I don’t handle dairy well and now it’s worse, my guess is that the baby is also lactose intolerant? I don’t know how all that works but it’s what I’m going with.

It’s been 6 weeks since my last update and although I can’t recall every detail of what’s been going on the main things are: We moved into a new house which requires a bunch of other responsibilities and changes, I got a haircut recently (we all did, it was Gina’s first haircut ever!)

I can’t think of anything else right now but the plan is to vlog more, do hauls and creative fun videos of our life and family. Gina really wants her own channel.

Thanks again for the love!


The big day, our 10 week ultrasound!

My belly buddy is measuring right on schedule and baby’s heartbeat is 179 bpm.

Baby seemed happy to see mom and dad 💞💞💞

I have now been released from Dr. S and will follow up with my OB for a 12 week check up. I have also been cleared from the hormone therapy!!!

Such happy news for my intended parents, and my family! The hormones have made me overly emotional and basically useless with how tired I’ve been. Thankful for the support from everyone as always!!!



Hey y’all!!!

I had my first sonogram scheduled for last Friday but it was pushed to Monday instead! This is my first ultrasound after the transfer to see if we can confirm a heartbeat!

When I was pregnant with Georgina we got a recording of her heartbeat in a stuffed giraffe so I wanted the IPs to be able to experience that even if they aren’t here.

Sooo I went to build a bear and picked out a teddy, got the recorder and …

My daughter wants to add a note so we’ll send it out tomorrow!

I’m so excited for them, we have a heartbeat!!! 💞


Hey everyone!

So here is my med routine!

Every morning at 7am I take my progesterone injection (as seen here) as well as an iron pill and 2 prenatal vitamins.
Every third day I take a Delestrogen injection in the evening at 7:30.
Also, before bed I insert 2 progesterone vaginal caps as well.

This is to be continued until 10 weeks pregnant and tomorrow will be 5 weeks!

Thanks again everyone!